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A joyous spiritual community in central Texas 
Building a World that Works for Everyone

Meeting on ZOOM

Sunday Service: 10:30 am


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Rev Dr Rainbow Johnson
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Lisa Clark, Music Director
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"Tell the Truth with Love"
by Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson
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Sunday, January 3, 2020 @ 10:30

Austin CSL Sunday Service on Zoom

“Appreciation Sunday

Join our Sunday Morning Service on Zoom by clicking this link:

Meeting ID 2473651008

Password: WeAre1!

If you are joining by telephone only, dial this number:  346 248 7799

At the prompt dial this number:

247 365 1008 ##

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Our talk this week:  by Jean Lein, RScP and ALSP

Be sure to see it on ZOOM 

Sunday, December 27th at 10:30 am

Click here

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About our Speaker

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December 29nd at 6:00 pm.

Call to Prayer and Meditation

Join us on Zoom.

Click on the link below.

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The purpose of the Season for Illumination is to foster awareness of the Light within each person.  Join us during this period as we take a few moments everyday to deepen our spiritual connection.  We will be spending two days on each of the following areas: recognizing the Divine in all things, acknowledging that It is in us, realizing the highest good, giving thanks for that good, and letting go, letting God.  

Starting Dec. 22 until Dec 31,  we will gather for a 20 minute spiritual practice at noon on the ACSL Zoom link. If you cannot make it at noon, you can request a link to the recording. For each day there is also an affirmation, and a suggested activity.  


There are a few things you might want to have on hand for our adventure.   

  • Day 1 -  something round to signify wholeness/oneness- a wreath is suggested, but it could also be a plate, a bowl, or a globe

  • Day 3 -  a candle - tealight or electric candle or a picture of a candle

  • Day 4 -  a star - could be an ornament, a paper cutout, or a picture

  • Day 10 - symbol of a bird - a feather, a bird ornament, or a picture of birds in flight

  • something to write with/on such as note cards or plain paper

  • pictures or symbols of qualities, things or experiences you want more of in your life, for example, a heart can represent love, a picture of a red rose bush might represent love or beauty or growth.  A picture of a sunset may mean peace to you, etc.  It could also be something material such as a picture of a new vehicle or a different place to live. Unlimited possibilities!

  • ideas about what you want to release in the Burning Bowl meditation on Dec. 30.

 Give yourself the gift of attention to who you really are so that you can fully experience that in the coming year. 


As part of this Season, you will also have the opportunity to participate in three special events:

  1. Dec.. 29 Taize Service

  2. Dec. 30 Burning Bowl Service

  3. Dec.31 World Peace Meditation 



Season of Illumination page 2 Dec 22-31.

Click HERE to join the concert on 12/24. Can't wait to see you.

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Confidential Prayer Request pray with yo

You can also call Rev. Rainbow with your Prayer Requests at 512-653-8465

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 December 2020/ January 2021

December 27 Sunday


Jean Lein, RScP & ALSP

Live Music

Lisa Clark, Music Director

January 3 Sunday


Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson

Live Music

Lisa Clark, Music Director

January 10 Sunday


Rev. Merry Shaver, Asst. Minister

Live Music

Dave Lee, Guest Musician

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