Giving and Receiving

The Law of Circulation

“It is only when we allow the Divine current to flow through
us, in and out, we really express life. The law of giving and
receiving is definite.” –
Ernest Holmes

Happy Girls

Why Austin Center for Spiritual Living Gives

Giving is our nature at Austin Center for Spiritual Living. The Law of Circulation
states that what we give out we shall receive. Our Giving Ministry tithes 10% of
our gross to the to make room for more good to come to us. We tithe 5%
to the Centers for Spiritual Living headquarters in Golden Colorado. We
tithe 5% to The Settlement Home in Austin, Texas.

The practice of becoming both an inlet and an outlet for universal good happens
when one gives. It is our nature to share ourselves generously with the world, and
it is our birthright to be abundantly supported in doing so. As we align ourselves
with and avail ourselves to this never-ending flow of life, we create a greater
experience of ease and prosperity.

Help us help others. When you donate, you unleash the power of prosperity in
your life and you allow this beautiful message of abundance to uplift many others.
Thank you for your generosity. It changes lives.

why give?

We invite you to support our ongoing commitment to creating accessible gathering
spaces and experiences that support consciousness, evolution, and
transformation. If you have ever been inspired by an Austin Center for Spiritual

Living experience, please support our community with your financial giving.
Whether you can give $5 or $200,000, we receive your gift gratefully!

ways to give

Meditation by the Sea

Committed giving

Your commitment to giving allows us to plan and budget accordingly. It is critical to our operations to know how much money to expect from community members. When you commit to giving, you determine an amount of money that you will contribute to Austin Center for Spiritual Living throughout the year.

scheduled giving

You have the option of choosing Scheduled Giving, which provides the convenience of automatically making a recurring gift.

finding money giving

Actively look for unexpected income. Once you receive or find it, keep 90% of your found money/unexpected income and use it any way you want. Then donate 10% (tithe) to Austin Center for Spiritual Living.

giving service


Gift of Sacred Service

Give the gift of service. When people celebrate together, sing together, or participate in activities together, we are all one energy. Differences disappear and unity develops. Be part of that experience by giving of your skills, talents and treasures or learn new skills. All sacred service is welcome.

In the words of Rev Dr. Michael Beckwith, “Our strength is our service. Ultimately, we want each person to be encouraged and inspired to take their gifts into the world. Don’t leave this planet one day before you share your gifts.”

Sunday Service Support Ministry

Our purpose is to create an inclusive, inviting, uplifting experience every Sunday. Volunteers are welcome as greeters, ushers, and PowerPoint slide creators for Sunday music. It includes helping set up the tables and chairs before Sunday service and take them down.

Sound and Video Ministry

Trained sound technicians set up and monitor the sound board operation and PowerPoint slides for the Sunday talks and live music. Volunteers also help with taping the service for Facebook live videos.

Friends Eating Dinner

Hospitality Ministry

This ministry provides set up for our monthly First Sunday Potlucks after service. It’s a great time for fellowship, meeting new people and connecting with friends.

Compassionate Care Ministry

This team is dedicated to giving love and support for any person who desires it. This is a sacred service for those called to comfort and support people who are experiencing life challenges.
This ministry includes our pet ministry that provides support, blessings, and prayer for your spiritual relationship with your pet.

Marketing Ministry

This ministry supports the promotion of our Center and its activities to the world. We are currently promoting through Facebook, Instagram, our website, and e-newsletters. An important part of the team is photography to provide meaningful and/or factual photographs of our Center’s life. Please email photos to

Confetti Storm

Special Events Ministry

This ministry coordinates annual and special events such as: the World Healing Meditation Service on December 31, Coats for Kids in
November and December, and a variety of other events in the community. It can also include setting up special events like movies, listening to live music at different venues and attending other special events around town.