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Divine Memory Loss

by Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson

...Father, forgive them: for they know not what they do.

— Luke 23:34

I forgive all and am forgiven of all and by all.

— The Science of Mind, page 261

Divine Memory Loss

I just met a remarkable man named Chris who told me an amazing story. One evening last year, Chris was driving home when he was hit by a drunk driver. His automobile was totaled, and he was injured so severely that he was in a coma for six weeks. Steven, the other driver escaped with hardly a physical scratch, but was so tormented with guilt, he wanted to end his life because he could not face what he had done. Steven finally gathered up all his courage, and a few weeks after Chris emerged from the coma, went to visit him in the hospital. Steven asked Chris for his forgiveness and said he would gladly trade places with him, if he could. Chris responded, “You’re already forgiven. There’s no place in my heart for hatred.” Chris told Steven he loved him and hugged him for five minutes. Steven said, “The love I felt was the greatest gift I’ve received in my life...Now I know that God is love, and God works through us to bring love to other people instead of hatred.”

Within ten months, Chris was completely healed. He earnestly believes that his faith and attitude allowed him to recover and walk without any help, even after a doctor told him he would have to wear a brace for the rest of his life. As for Steven, not only has he totally given up drugs and alcohol, he has been inspired to become a minister!

Today, I fully and freely forgive everyone and every thing that has ever harmed me in any way. I have Divine Memory Loss and every incident is completely wiped out from my memory bank forevermore.


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