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God Meant It For My Good

… but God meant it unto good …

— Genesis 50:20

… the creative law within you knows; and not only knows,

but performs every right action at the right time … .

— The Science of Mind, page 251

God Meant It For My Good

Have you ever had the experience of not getting something you wanted and feeling very distressed, then later on realizing that having it would not have been the best thing for you? Such an experience happened to me some years ago and caused me to understand that Divine Intelligence was taking care of me.

At that time in my life I was deeply in love with someone. How I yearned for him to return my love! But nothing I did caused that person to feel toward me as I did toward him. Though we were good friends, I wanted a closer relationship, as I was convinced this person was my “soul mate.” Alas! He was in love with another woman, my best friend, and eventually they were married. I felt crushed. I just knew I couldn’t carry on. But I did. Not only did I carry on, I soon met the man who would become my beloved husband. We were married; I graduated from Ernest Holmes College School of Ministry, and did all sorts of other exciting things.

Many years later, I discovered that the man I had formerly believed to be my “soul mate” had made certain choices which I knew would have made being married to him unworkable for me. He had returned to alcoholism, and was violently abusive to his wife. I realized then that what felt like torture to me at the time was actually the guidance and wisdom of Divine Intelligence within me.

I know there is an Intelligence within me that knows what is right for me

and guides me in that direction.

I may not always understand what is going on,

but I have faith that the right outcome always takes place.

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