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God’s Pink Love

But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you…

— Matthew 5:44

the thing to do is … to send out thought … full of love and affection

— The Science of Mind, page 298

God’s Pink Love

The daughter of some students in one of my Science of Mind classes recently thought of a remarkable remedy for disharmonious relationships. Whenever she has a problem with anyone, she does the following. She gets herself away from the situation and envisions the other person as being in front of her. Then she mentally sees the person enveloped in the limitless Love of God — which, in her imagination, is pink in color! She allows this pink Love to completely cover her so-called adversary, then she returns in her own mind to the scene of the dissension, and guess what? It’s as though nothing negative every happened!

Immediately after the class in which this approach was described, the phone rang. The caller was someone who was very upset with me. I listened to the conversation with equanimity, deciding quietly that I was going to try the method I had just learned. I did so and the results were amazing. The next time I saw that person, we had a marvelous time together. We hugged and laughed, and nothing was mentioned about our previous telephone conversation. Was this a coincidence? I think not. I truly feel it was due to a giant dose of God’s pink Love.

There is nothing, which God’s Love cannot heal.

There is no pain which God’s Love cannot soothe.

There is no problem which God’s Love cannot solve.

I allow this Love to wash over me, imagining myself immersed in it.

I bathe in it.

I float in it.

I surrender to it.

I am whole.

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