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I Just Love You

Beyond all these things put on Love…

— Colossians 3:14

Emerson said: “If you want a friend, be a friend.”

The Science of Mind, page 297

I Just Love You

Ernest Holmes tells us if we wish to attract friends, social or otherwise, we must begin to image ideal relationships, and then we must embody and express them with our senses, our mind, and our emotions.

One of my Practitioner clients called me up complaining about her current romantic relationship. She is totally in love with her boyfriend, and he coldly rebuffs her. Every time she tells him she loves him, she waits for him to say it back to her. And he never does. Furthermore, the more romantic demands she makes upon him, the more he tells her that she needs to be satisfied at just being friends. I asked her to tell me all the things she would like in a mate. I then suggested she embody all these characteristics herself. I concluded our conversation with a spiritual mind treatment (5-step affirmative prayer) for the highest good of all.

She called me back a week later and said that during her daily meditation, she felt strongly that she needed to let the whole thing go and concentrate on being the person she wanted him to be. A feeling of peace came over her. Whenever she thought of him, she said silently, “I just love you,” and let it go, without any expectations at all. Something very remarkable started to happen. He began buying her gifts. However, instead of being thrilled, she realized that the greatest gift she received from all of this, was the happiness she found within herself. So now, when she looks in the mirror, she smiles and says, “I just love you.”

Today I focus on Spirit within, following my intuition

which leads me to actively become all the things

I desire from others. In doing this, I discover

I have what I was looking for all the time!

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