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The Whole Truth

For thy loving kindness is before mine eyes: and I have walked in thy truth.

— Psalms 26:3

The Truth is instantaneous in its demonstration …

— The Science of Mind, page 57

The Whole Truth

Kathleen’s daughter, Jennifer, is a baton twirler. She studies twirling with two high-strung twin teachers, who are frequently upset. Jennifer is afraid of confrontation. Therefore, she often attracts it.

One weekend, her twirling class was having an important event at which they were giving out awards. During the exact same weekend, the band was traveling to another location where Jennifer would be twirling during halftime. She chose the band experience, and was afraid to tell her twirling teachers. Her mother, Kathleen, called the teachers and gave them a heads up on what would be happening. However, when Jennifer actually approached one of them to confirm that her choice was to go with the band, the teacher began screaming at her and telling her she would never get an award if she did that.

Jennifer was devastated. Her mother, who was studying Science of Mind at the time, said she heard Ernest Holmes’ voice in her head telling her to “know the Truth.” So, Kathleen, Jennifer’s mother, kept knowing the entire situation was Love manifest. She decided to go to class with Jennifer the next Wednesday night. Jennifer begged her not to go, but Kathleen said she’d just show up and not say a word. They arrived at the reception counter. One of the teachers, the same one who yelled at Jennifer, was there. She smiled and said to Jennifer, “You are one of our best twirlers and I’m so glad you are in this class. I don’t blame you at all for choosing to go with the band. I would have done the same thing. When you come back, I’m going to gladly give you all your awards, which you so richly deserve!”

No matter what happens to me,

regardless of appearances,

I know the Truth.

This situation is Love manifest.

And the Truth sets me free.

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