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You Deserve a Gold Star

by Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson

…and as thou hast believed so be it done unto thee.

— Matthew 8:13

“It is done unto you as you believe.”

— The Science of Mind, page 140

You Deserve a Gold Star

Dale is a man who has studied Truth principles for many years. His daughter came home from school one rainy afternoon. She put something down on the kitchen table and left the room. She seemed rather dejected. Dale looked at it. It was a card and on the card in the center was pasted a red star. Dale went looking for his daughter. “What is this red star all about?” he asked.

She was sitting in front of the television. “Oh, that means that I am about average.” Tears filled her eyes. “Oh, Dad, hardly anyone else got a red star. Almost everyone else got a blue star, a silver star, or…” and she paused significantly, “a gold star.” “And what does that mean?” queried Dale. His daughter answered. “A gold star’s the best…the very best…and I’ll never get one!” “Why not?” he asked. “Because I’m just not smart enough.” Dale looked at her for a few moments, then said, “You can believe that if you want to, but I say that you are the smartest person in that class. Not only do I say that you are the smartest person in that class, but I also say that you have a choice. You can actually choose whether or not you’re going to get a red star, a blue star, a silver star, or a gold star.”

From that moment on, all throughout elementary school, his daughter received only gold stars. In fact, she received so many gold stars, she was known as “The Gold Star Girl.” Some might say this is the power of suggestion. I think not. Instead, Science of Mind tells us it is the power of belief. It is done unto us as we believe. All things are possible with God.

Today I reach for the stars. I know that whatever I want lies within me. I know there’s a Power for Good in the Universe and I live in it. I move in it. I have my being in it. I know there is a Law that responds to my thought. I create my own reality. I am fulfilled in every way.

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