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Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson

Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson was living in a cave on Kauai in the 1960's when she got a "message" while meditating. It said, "Religious Science." She's not kidding! She never heard of anything like that, so she wrote to her mother in L.A. and asked her to look up Religious Science in the phone book. They had phone bools way back then It turns out that L.A. was the headquarters of the United Church of Religious Science! She wrote to them and the rest is history.

Rev. Rainbow has a BA from UCLA, an MA from Cal State, became a Minister from the Holmes Institute in 1986, received an Honorary Doctorate degree from Inner Circle University in 2001, and the Meritorious Minister of the Year Award from the United Church of Religious Science in 2005.

Rev. Rainbow has been a Minister, Teacher, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, as well as a regular contributor to Science of Mind Magazine. In addition to all this, Rev. Rainbow has traveled all over the U.S. and all over the world, teaching metaphysical principles, lecturing, conducting workshops and retreats.

Rev. Merry Shaver
Reverend Merry Shaver, an ordained Religious Science minister, has been a student of Science of Mind since 1982 and is well grounded in metaphysics and Science of Mind principles.

Rev. Merry received a Masters Degree in Consciousness Studies from the Holmes Institute in 2009 and was ordained by the Centers for Spiritual Living in 2012.  In addition, Rev. Merry holds BA and MBA degrees and served in the corporate world for many years. 

She currently serves as the assistant minister at the Austin Center for Spiritual Living.   She is a master in leading prayer, meditation and the visioning process. Her subtle sense of humor always shines through, bringing merriment to the moment. 
She envisions a community where everyone owns a piece of the vision and shared leadership is practiced at all levels, a truly growing a community that experiences the Unity that is the very Presence of God.


Her purpose in life is to "create a safe place where we can grow in Love and Joy."

Rev. Kit Holmes

She graduated as Reverend Kit Holmes on May 21, 2021. Rev. Kit is a Speaker, Musician and a certified Life Mastery Mentor. She is a licensed spiritual coach who teaches others how to utilize mindfulness to create vibrant, healthy and meaningful living. Rev. Kit is also a licensed Religious Science Practitioner through Centers for Spiritual Living. 

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Lisa Clark...Music Director

Rev. Jean Lein


J Michael Gautney



Rev. Deb Hammond


Barbara and Rev Rainbow
Lisa Clark
Rev Merry at the Holiday Party!
Austin Center for Spiritual Living T-Shirts
Congress Street Bridge in Austin
Abundance Workshop
Rev Rainbow
Kelly at the Painting Workshop
Delilah Brown
Georgia Ann Kelley
Duck Tour of Austin
Rev Rainbow in the Wisteria Garden
Connie and Janice on fieldtrip to Fredricksburg
Janine and Don at a Member's Wedding
Birthday Celebration
Rev. Jean Lein
Dinner at the Shady Grove after a day of Kayaking
Rev Kit Holmes
Vision Board
Brett Youngblood
Teaching Symbol
Rev Merry
Sign in Austin
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