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Member Showcase

This month we're proud to tell you the story of Virginia Hancock.

Virginia Hancock


Even though Ginnie lives in Houston, she is still a very active member of the Austin Center for Spiritual Living. She is a former President of the Board and she has worked tirelessly on several big Center projects. For example, Ginnie has helped a great deal on the production of this website. 

Ginnie joins many of our social events and she often takes a class or participates in discussion groups.

Ginnie is the leader of our Social Media team, posting on various social sites and teaching workshops about using Instagram and Twitter.

Ginnie is the President of her Homeowners Association in Houston. She is delightfully knowledgeable about healthy eating lifestyles as well as spiritual practices. She is a strong, organized woman who is retired from many years analyzing and auditing various Social Services situations, like daycare centers. Now Ginnie volunteers her time with several organizations. She also takes classes on all types of subjects, including the current information and technology of Social Media. 

We're so fortunate to work and have fun with her!  

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