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With 3-6-9 

3....Write your Affirmation three times in the morning.

6.....Write your Affirmation six times in the afternoon.

9....Write your Affirmation nine times at night.

Model in Navy Coat

Affirmations to attract Love!

  • I open my heart, and trust that true love will arrive. 

  • I am attracting love and romance into my life and I accept it.

  • I am attracting a soulmate relationship, based on love, honesty and respect.

  • I value myself.

  • It's OK to leave my comfort zone.

  • Every challenge is an opportunity to grow.

Teen With Skateboard

Affirmations for your 

  • I exercise to show my body I love it.

  • I deserve to feel healthy and vibrant.

  • Each time I exercise I literally feel my body growing stronger.

Sportswear Fashion

Affirmations for your 

Portrait of a Young Man

for your financial Prosperity!

  • I am generous with my money.

  • I deserve to make more money.

  • I release all resistance to attracting money.

  • I am open to limitless possibilities.

  • I am grateful for the abundance that I have and the abundance that's on it's way.

  • I am creative and open to new solutions.

Male Portrait

for your 

  • I cherish my body and my life.

  • I am radiant from the inside out.

  • I treat my body with the love and kindness it deserves.

Plus Size Models

for loving
your body!

  • My positive thoughts and actions renew my health and body.

  • I deserve to feel healthy and vibrant.

  • I do not carry stress or tension in my body.

Senior Woman with Glasses

Affirmations for your 

  • I will use my voice and my power to lift up myself and those around me.

  • I control my job search. It does not control me. I will continue to try new strategies until I succeed.

  • My career is a journey not a destination. I am in control of my career's journey.

Open Workspace

Affirmations for
How and When
and Where

CHANGE YOUR THINKING.......Change Your Life!
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