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Discussion Groups and Workshops

Expand Your Mind invites you to explore new ideas. It's goal is to excite your brain. At the same time, we want to appeal to your heart. We believe that when your brain wave pattern is in sync with the rhythm of your heart, you are in a heightened state of spiritual awareness. We believe your heart and your brain are designed to work together.


Racial Reconciliation Discussion Group

Readings From

The Survivors of the 1919 Tulsa Massacre


The John Hope Franklin Center for Racial Reconciliation

Coming Soon!

CHANGE YOUR THINKING.......Change Your Life!
Expand Your Mind And Deepen Your Spiritual Practice

Heart Brain Connection Practice

With Delilah Brown

Stay Tuned for more information on this!

CHANGE YOUR THINKING.......Change Your Life!

Art with Love and Light Workshop

On our first class we'll work on creating your Vision Board 

Coming Soon!

Check back for exact date and time!

Workshop Leader is Connie Adcock

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