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Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson
Senior Minister

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Rev. Merry Shaver
Staff Minister

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Rev. Kit Holmes
Assistant Minister

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Rev.Jean Lein

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J Michael Gautney


Rev. Deb Hammond

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What is a Spiritual Mind Treatment?

At The Center for Spiritual Living


Much of what we do in our spiritual practice is done by affirmative prayer. Prayer is central to the Science of Mind. The Science of Mind form of prayer is called Spiritual Mind Treatment. Spiritual Mind Treatment is simply a process used to change our consciousness or belief system. Prayer treatment can be given by anyone, but our Practitioners are trained to help us in knowing the spiritual truth.

In describing what a practitioner does, Ernest Holmes, our founder, put it this way:

It is the practitioner’s business to uncover God in every person. God is not sick. God is not poor. God is not unhappy. God is never afraid. God is never confused. God is never out of His place. The premise upon which all Spiritual Mind Treatment is based is God is perfect, and all humans are perfect Spiritual Beings.

Simple to say. But not always easy to put into practice! And that’s why we have licensed, Religious Science Practitioners (RScP), who help us to resolve the issues of life, through affirmative prayer; or what we call Spiritual Mind Treatment. Our practitioners are trained to assist you with any prayer requests. If you would like a Spiritual Mind Treatment, send an email to one of the practitioners listed below.

Rev. Jean Lein, ALSP, RScP (512) 826-8495

Rev. Deb Hammond

J Michael Gautney


Anchor prayer
Dramatic Flowers

Say it out loud..... or whisper to yourself

A Prayer for


A Divine Right Mate

I know the Creative Principle within me, which is God, is the same Creative Principle which exists at the center of all people. I know there is a man now living whom I can make happy, who is my equal intellectually, and aesthetically, who is on my spiritual level of evolution, and who can make me happy. I know that the Principle within me is also within him, and that we are compatible with and enjoy one another. He loves to laugh and have fun! He is in my age range. He and I are but two manifestations of one Infinite Person, one Divine Being, and in this Divine Being we know each other; we meet each other; we recognize each other.

This word which I speak removes any thought of isolation or separation, and immediately brings about this desired meeting. I now meet this person in Spirit, and he is irresistibly propelled toward me. I know that he comes in love and recognition. 

I know that this Divine Right Mate finds sone unique manifestation of Spirit in me which pleases him above all others. I also know that I find the same thing in him. We recognize each other, resonate with one another, and love one another unconditionally.


Thank you, God! And so it is!

Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson

Austin Center for Spiritual Living


Say it out loud..... or whisper to yourself

A Prayer for Healing

This orderly universe is whole and perfect and reflects the nature of all life.

Just as I am made of the same elements common to all creation, so all of us are united in this common thing called life.

The body is a manifestation of perfect wholeness, knowing automatically how to heal itself, and does so whenever needed. I affirm that healing is going on right now at top speed as this prayer is read. The body relays messages so that healing elements within and without the cells go to work repairing tissues, organs, functions throughout the body. Releasing anxiety about time needed for healing, relaxing into this healing state, I affirm wholeness is already perfectly present in the mind of God.

Grateful for this shift in thinking, I release this word to the spiritual law that is doing the work already.

And so it is.

Andra Sandberg, RSxP

Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa


Say it out loud..... or whisper to yourself

A Prayer for


Recognition: God is the one Infinite Intelligence operating in the Universe, out of which eveything else arises. There is nowhere and no thing that God is not. God is love, God is wholeness, God is beauty creativity, peace and abundance. God is the Divine Source that created and sustains Life, showing Itself in the beauty of a rainbow, the innovation of a new idea, the love in a baby's smile, the industry and cooperation of a beehive, the profusion of color in a meadow. God is that ineffable Presence that gives unique life to each form and thought, even as the compilation forms a grand unity.


Unification: God is the Power and Presence within me, giving me life, forever embracing me in love and light. I am in the midst of God and God is in the midst of me. God is my source and my supply. All that is, all that I have, all that I do is God expressing its evolutionary desire through and as me.


Realization: As I open my heart and mind to greater awareness of my "godness," my life expands and blossoms like a flower opening in the warmth of Springs's loving sunrays. I experience more love, more happiness, more creativity, more success. Because I know there is never a shortage of God, I know there is always more of every good thing. Abundance is spelled G-O-D and my cup is overflowing. My bank accounts are full, my debts nonexistent, I have money to share and money to spare. I am a member in good standing of the Divine Givers and Receivers Club!


Thanksgiving: With a heart full of light I give thanks for this knowing. I give thanks for the shift in consciousness that demonstrates as financial abundance. I give thanks for the love and support I feel all around that makes way for my truth to unfold as my reality.

Release: In gratitude, I release my word to the Law of the One Mind, that Law that knows only 'yes,' that Law that receives my thought and acts upon it without hesitation. It is done and I accept it. And so it is.


Helen Graves, RScP

Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa

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CHANGE YOUR THINKING.......Change Your Life!

Quiet the mind and the soul will speak.

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