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Disruptive Empathy as the Engine of Racism
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The Power of Coherence:
An Inspiring Journey of Healing and Connection

In life, we often find ourselves grappling with difficult decisions, troubling emotions, and the profound loss of loved ones. It's during these challenging times that some turn to a unique practice – coherence – to seek insight and solace from within.

For Yumi Morita, a Holistic Health Consultant and Connection Practice Master Trainer, the journey into the realm of coherence was a source of profound wisdom and comfort. In the face of personal struggles and the untimely passing of a dear friend, the power of coherence revealed itself in expected, transformative ways.

Yumi reflects on a poignant moment in March 2016, when her friend, Yutsuki Ishii (Yukki), departed at the age of 48. The news arrived like a sudden storm, leaving Yumi in shock and with a heavy heart. Yet, in the midst of grief, the practice of coherence provided a unique channel for communication with the departed soul.

When Yumi sought coherence, Yukki responded with a smile, expressing happiness in being free from pain. This revelation, different from what Yumi had initially thought, brought a sense of peace and acceptance. It became a testament to the profound insights that can be gained when one turns inward and connects with the heart.

Six months prior to Yukki's passing, Yumi had faced a crucial decision – whether to welcome her ill friend into their home in Hawaii. Despite the brain's reservations and fears, coherence consistently affirmed the heart's desire to say "YES." Trusting this inner guidance, Yumi opened their home, paving the way for a transformative and healing experience.


During the two months Yukki spent in Hawaii, immersed in the nourishing environment of organic food and the support of loved ones, coherence continued to play a pivotal role. Yukki not only exceeded her goal of participating in the Honolulu Marathon but also found the strength to walk 7 kilometers, a testament to her indomitable spirit and determination.

In the face of terminal cancer, coherence became a source of relief for Yukki. When traditional painkillers were no longer effective, the practice provided a means to significantly reduce her pain.

Yumi and the entire Connection Practice Community expresses gratitude to Rita Marie Johnson, the creator of the Connection Practice, for introducing coherence and facilitating this profound connection between heart and mind.

This story serves as a poignant reminder that, even in the darkest moments, the heart often holds the answers we seek. By embracing coherence, individuals can tap into an inner well of strength, wisdom, and courage. As we conclude this inspiring story, let's join hands and hearts and make our dreams a reality through the transformative power of coherence.

Yumi Morita and Delilah Brown

In memory of Yutsuki Ishii

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