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Developing Your Spiritual Practices

You are welcome here.  Wherever you are on your spiritual path. 
Creating A Space
For Spiritual Practice

Today, design a space for your spiritual practice....

A space that is comfortable.....

A space that is peaceful....

A space that invites a sense of gratitude....

It might include:

  • A candle

  • Mala beads

  • Smooth stones

  • A Buddha statue

  • Affirmations

  • Photos or pictures of people or places that inspire you.

  • Or simply a comfortable chair or cushion.

CHANGE YOUR THINKING.......Change Your Life!
How should I pray?
Am I meditating correctly?
How do I use an Affirmation
in my spiritual practice?
How can I deal with all
the bad news in the world?

Now try some of these
spiritual practices

Setting Your Intentions
  • First thing every morning, Set Your Intentions for the day.

  • You can use an Affirmation to give focus to your daily intentions.

  • Keep them personal and positive.

  • Setting intentions helps give you clarity.

  • Relax and let the Universe take over.

  • Reflect at the end of the day.

  • Setting your intentions will help you in Becoming More Mindful.

expand mind9_edited.jpg
More Mindful

Mindfulness is a state of mind. It is an ancient Buddhist concept from about 2500 years ago.


There are three distinct components of Mindfulness. 


    1. Focused Attention

     2. Open Awareness

     3. Kind Intention

Mindfulness allows you to reinforce your intentions.            

  • Find a quiet space 

  • Relax. Get comfortable

  • Start by focusing on your breath 

  • Then you can turn your focus to the flame of a candle, or the feel of Mala beads or the comfort of a repeated word (mantra)

  • If your mind wanders, just notice it and gently bring your thoughts back

  • End with gratitude

  • Join us every Tuesday evening

  • at 6:00pm

  • for a half hour of Meditation

  • on Zoom. 

Using the
Law of Attraction

Try the 369 Method

Write down your Positive Affirmation

3 times in the morning

6 times in the afternoon

9 times at night

Do this for 33 days

This simple practice will build the positive energy and get you into the feeling of already having the thing you want to manifest.

A Vision Board

*Cut out pictures from magazines that illustrate

something you wish for yourself, like: 

        Walking on a beach just at the edge

        of the gentle waves.

*Cut out words from magazines that inspire you,


        Confidence. Eating Healthy. Dancing.

*Add stickers.

*Use markers to draw designs and words.


*List of books to read.

*List of goals

Draw a timeline.

Join Connie Adcock

for a Workshop on making a Vision Board

Coming Soon on Zoom

CHANGE YOUR THINKING.......Change Your Life!
    Try A Spiritual Mind Treatment

Spiritual Mind Treatment is a spiritual practice in which you use prayer to consciously shape and change your thinking about a situation. You declare the spiritual Truth in this situation , and you commit yourself to believing in this Truth,  knowing that your prayer has a positive effect on your life and on the lives of others. 

Into the Woods
Finding Beauty

"Forest Bathing"

Take a Meditation Nature Walk

Soak up the beauty in nature.

Walking in nature is a spiritual practice that helps you see the presence of Spirit. All around you different forms of life are seeking to express themselves, and new life is constantly being created.

tree in the fog.jpg
Practicing Gratitude

Write in your GRATITUDE JOURNAL every day. 

Start with 2 or 3 things you are grateful for. 

1. I saw a bright yellow dandelion growing up through a crack in my sidewalk. I reached down to pull it out. Then I stopped to look closer at the beauty of the flower. 

I am grateful for the beautiful yellow of that flower.

2. The clouds above are slowly moving        and changing shape.

I am grateful for the playful clouds I see          above my porch.

Then work your way up to noticing more

and more things that fill your heart with   GRATITUDE.

Consider Joining a Spiritual Practices Group

Where You Might Find A Spiritual Practices Partner

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