"We  Are One "
 Hugging from a distance,
 Loving from a distance,
 Loved ones dying at a distance,
 It seems like we are all alone,
 but we are not we are one.
 I close my eyes and take that in,
 We are one.

                                                                   -Minnie Galarza

A joyous spiritual community in central Texas 
Building a World that Works for Everyone

Meeting on ZOOM

Sunday Service: 10:30 am


Look what's happening at Austin CSL!!! 

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Sunday, August 2, 2020 @ 10:30

Austin CSL Sunday Service on Zoom

"Let's Get Together and Feel Alright"

a talk by Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson

Join our Sunday Morning Service on Zoom by clicking this link:



Meeting ID 2473651008

Password: WeAre1!

If you are joining by telephone only, dial this number:  346 248 7799

At the prompt dial this number:

247 365 1008 ##

Our talk this week:

by Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson

Be sure to see it on ZOOM 

Sunday, August 2nd

at 10:30 am

Click here

About our Speaker

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This Tuesday, August 2 at 6:00 pm

Join us for meditation and prayer, a time for seeing the truth for ourselves, our community and our country. No matter what the appearances. Click HERE!

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Pray & Meditate
Friday, August 14th at 12 noon  on Zoom Click HERE

Prayer and Meditation to raise the vibration of our community and our country from fear to peace and love. 

"Call to Global Prayer, Now!" 

Presented by Centers for Spiritual Living Home Office every

other week With

Rev. Dr. Edward Viljoen



Rev. Dr. Sharon Hudson

We will use spiritual practices for helping us to see the truth for ourselves, our community and our country, again, no matter what the appearances. Here is the link to join the meeting.


Meeting ID: 556 416 891

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August 2020

August 2 Sunday


Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson

Live Music

Lisa Clark

August 9 Sunday


Rev. Dr. Luis-Carlos Sanchez

Live Music

Lisa Clark

August 16 Sunday


Rev. Merry Shaver

Live Music

Lisa Clark

August 23 Sunday


Jean Lein, RScP & ALSP

Live Music

Lisa Clark

August 30 Sunday


Rev. Gregory Toole

Live Music

Lisa Clark

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