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Check out the Living Peace Mandala

HOW TO USE THE LIVING PEACE MANDALA - first click on the picture below, then click on the word courage in the outer circle.

The Mandala is a flexible and interactive icon meant to be used for reflection, contemplation, and meditation. It can be used by any individual in private, within your family, or in any group that gathers for peaceful reflection on a higher way to live in consciousness.

Once you have clicked the picture to enter the Mandala, you can use it any way that suits you:

  1. Begin with Day One COURAGE, and continue clockwise around the circles. Read Quotation, Affirmation, Practice quietly and spend as much time as you like deepening into contemplation of what these words say to YOU.

  2. (Once you get back to COURAGE, jump to the next inner circle (ACCEPTANCE) and continue clockwise.)

  3. OR… choose any word(s) that jumps up and sings to you: chances are, you needed this word today.

  4. Use one word a day to shape your Season, OR click into as many as you feel you would like to explore at one sitting.

  5. The healing meditation music will begin as soon as you enter the Mandala and continue until you exit.

Finally, no matter how you choose to enjoy the Living Peace Mandala, ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND that your entire family in spirit and peace are standing with you in consciousness, connected through these wisdom themes during every day of the Season for Nonviolence. Every time you meditate here, you can KNOW that many others are joining you RIGHT NOW in this powerful moment.

Peace and Blessings..


Dr. Barbara E. Fields Project Co-founder and Director, a Season for Nonviolence Executive Director, Association for Global New Thought


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