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Heaven On Earth

…in earth as it is in heaven.

— Matthew 6:10

The Unity of Good … teaches us that we are One with the Whole and One with each other.

— The Science of Mind, page 332

Heaven On Earth

Have you ever noticed that often the members of our very own family are instruments of our greatest learning? Throughout her life, my daughter, Rainbow-Shalom, has been one of my significant teachers. Something she very often says is, “Contrary to popular belief, you can experience heaven here on earth.” Over the years, I have watched her as she has gone about actually creating this heaven. She is constantly doing things for other people anonymously.

One such example happened last winter. We have an area here in Austin called “The Drag,” which is a street where many homeless people congregate. One night, Rainbow-Shalom came home and asked me if she could have a blanket and pillow. I gave them to her. The next morning, she told me that the preceding evening she had been on “The Drag” and seen a man sleeping on the sidewalk in 20-degree weather. She came home, got the blanket and pillow, went back, put the pillow under his head, covered him with the blanket and tucked him in.

As I listened to her, I knew deep within my heart that when this man woke up the next morning, he would find that God had covered him during the night. Yes, one act of compassion certainly creates heaven on earth!

Today, I make it a point to do something compassionate, kind and loving for another person anonymously. I know that as I do this, I am living the part of The Lord’s Prayer that says, “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.”

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