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To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven …

— Ecclesiastes 3:1

We know that no idea of God ever comes too soon or too late but always at the correct time.

— The Science of Mind, page 251


Living in the city can sometimes produce symptoms of anxiety, nervousness, and worry. People schedule their lives so completely, that they find themselves rushing to get to their next destination. Even when they are experiencing something pleasant, they often ruin the enjoyment by allowing their future plans and engagements to creep into their thoughts, clouding the present encounter. This can happen when carrying on a conversation with others. The mind races ahead and destroys the possibility of truly understanding what another human being is trying to communicate.

The freeway is notorious for its unforeseen traffic tie-ups. Even if people allow plenty of time for travel, a traffic jam can be disastrous for arriving at an appointment in time. The next time you find yourself stranded in unmoving traffic, try this affirmation: “I live and move in God’s good time.” Now, look around you and observe the beautiful day out there … relax … then commune with the still small voice within. One time a young man told me that his favorite “closet” in which to meditate was the middle of the Hollywood Freeway at rush hour!

Get the most out of every experience, be it bathing the baby, visiting a friend, or being stuck in a traffic jam.

Always, I am awake.

When I listen to others I do not let my mind wander.

I look around me and see beauty.

Constantly I commune with my still, small voice.

I eliminate anxiety from my being.

Today I relax and enjoy all I do, including washing the dishes.

I live and move in God’s good time.

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