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And I will give them one heart ...

— Ezekiel 11:19

I am in complete unity with all ... I am at one with all.

— The Science of Mind, page 258


In his book, The Unity of All Life, J. Allen Boone describes a relationship he had with Freddie the Fly. He talked about their mental and spiritual connection, where he called the fly mentally and allowed him to land on J. Allen anywhere except the skin. They played games together and even had frequent contests. Freddie always won. Skeptics would come over to his house to prove how crazy he was, and leave shaking their heads in disbelief. At the end of their relationship, Freddie spiraled up higher and higher and higher into a golden light and disappeared.

Some of us might be thinking, “That’s a nice fairy tale,” until we hear incidents like the following. A lady and her son attended a conference in St. Petersburg, Florida. They stayed at an inexpensive hotel offering the great perk of limitless mosquitoes. They began swatting them off furiously, until the woman remembered the statement by Ernest Holmes in his “What We Believe” article, where he states, “We believe in the unity of all life.” She decided that now was a propitious time to prove this principle. She began talking to the mosquitoes. “I love you little mosquitoes. We are one. Let us live together in harmony.” When they checked out of the hotel the next morning, she realized, to her great joy, that she and her son received nary one bite!

Today I look at the trees and say, “Hello my siblings.”

I view all animals and insects I meet and call out,

“We are one!”

I feel my total oneness with all of creation and know without doubt,

that we are all cells in the Body of God!

I am ecstatic with this realization.

And so it is.

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