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According to Your Faith

by Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson

..According to your faith be it unto you.

— Matthew 9:29

Believe and you will be made whole...

— The Science of Mind, page 261

According to Your Faith

In Religious Science when we do Spiritual Mind Treatment (5-step affirmative prayer), we look through the problem situation to the Spiritual Truth that lies behind it.

Sally is an avid Religious Scientist and writes a “letter-and-answer” column for a tabloid newspaper. Whatever the problem, she uses Science of Mind principles in her answers without ever mentioning Religious Science. She receives over 1000 letters a week. She answers three of these letters and then creates a Power List in which she gives spot answers to several more. The following are some examples:

A woman wrote, “I can’t live without my husband even though he abuses me.” Sally replied, “You are a beautiful, magnificent, powerful person all by your self. You have all the strength and courage you need to leave him.” Someone else wrote, “I have more bills than I have income.” The answer was, “You are prosperous beyond your wildest dreams and debt free. You are making wise, financial decisions now.”

When people write in with health challenges, i.e., diabetes, cancer, and heart problems, her spot answers are short and to the point. “You are healed.” “You are cured.” “You are whole, perfect, and complete.”

Because the people have faith in her, they get phenomenal results. They write her letters saying, “I did it! I left him!” “I’m healed!” “I feel better!” “Thank you!” And she thinks to herself as she reads these letters, “By your faith, you are healed.”

Today, I write an imaginary letter to the One Power that knows the answer to all questions.

I sit in the silence awaiting the answer.

I write with complete faith knowing that by my faith I am healed.

Thank You, God.

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