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Am I Ready to Receive?

immediately receive it with gladness.

— Mark 4:16

God cannot give us anything unless we are in a mental condition to receive the gift.

The Science of Mind, page 470

Am I Ready to Receive?

God can only give us what we take. I always remember the illustration describing the man going to a lake for water with only a thimble as a vessel. The question was asked, what size is your vessel? Is it a teacup? Is it a bowl? Is it a bathtub? Is it infinite?

Nadine, 84, demonstrated Charles, her Divine Right Mate, age 69, last year. He possessed every quality on her list. Yet, was she satisfied? She focused on the little things that annoyed her and agonized over them. And then she got a wake-up call. They were attending a metaphysical group meeting where they originally had met, when a very attractive, trim “young” woman of around 55 walked in and began flirting with Charles.

Nadine, who had been complacent about this man (who had come to spend hours with her and bring her a dozen roses every day while she was in the hospital for two months with a broken leg) had an EXTREME reaction. She told me, “I couldn’t believe I could be that jealous!”

A few days later she called to tell me of the phenomenal realization she received from all of this. “Rainbow, I have not been receiving God’s gifts. Whenever I get one (which is many times every day), I start finding fault with it, and picking it to pieces. Believe me! I am so filled with gratitude right now, I am jumping for joy, and for a woman who is recovering from a broken leg, that’s sayin’ something!”

I appreciate every one of God’s Gifts in my life.

Each person is precious to me.

Each experience is precious to me.

Each day is precious to me.

My vessel is infinite!

Yes, God, I am totally ready to receive!

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