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Are You a Ping-Pong Ball?

But none of these things move me …

— Acts 20:24

Mental suggestion operates through the subjective mind, and a silent influence is always going on through this avenue in the form of race suggestion.

— The Science of Mind, page 421

Are You a Ping-Pong Ball?

Have you watched a ping-pong game recently? The ball is battered, beaten, smashed, and slammed. Did you ever stop to think that we humans are much like that ping-pong ball?

“Not I,” you protest.

No? What about the morning you awakened from a disturbing dream and couldn’t shake the unsettled feeling for the rest of the day? Or, when you car wouldn’t start, how angry and frustrated you became? Then you received a phone call from a friend who told you how wonderful you are. Remember how happy you felt … until you received the bills from the mailman or read the evening headlines!

Do you see how important it is to remain centered? Then neither adverse nor harmonious circumstances can throw you off course praise or blame should not move you to extremes of high or low. Can you view yourself as though you are an actor or actress in a play and say, “Oh! So this is today’s version of my own soap opera. It is only a part I am playing.

You don’t have to stop living or stop being aware of your emotions — just let Divine Mind do the thinking and feeling. When you are centered you can only be “up,” because the Universal Love in you is always perfect and in harmony.

Today I stay centered In God. Today I stay centered in Truth.

Today I contact the Mind of God at the center of my being.

I know who I am.

Each time an unbalancing situation presents itself,

I take a deep breath and say: “This does not move me.

I am, still centered. All is harmony.”

Today I stay centered in God.

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