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Ask and It Shall Be Given

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

by Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson

If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed...nothing shall be impossible unto you.

— Matthew 17:20

Those who have great faith, have great power.

— The Science of Mind, page 156

Ask and It Shall Be Given

In Religious Science we teach that our faith brings into manifestation the thing which we desire. This was made extremely clear to me last year when my daughter, Rainbow-Shalom, was selecting a college. The summer before her senior year, her counselor, with her own money, took the entire summer to travel all over the United States to visit as many colleges as possible to determine which colleges would be the best for her students. When she discovered Hampshire College, a small Ivy League school without grades and without specified curricula, she said to herself, “This is the perfect college for Rainbow-Shalom, an independent thinker.”

When she told Rainbow-Shalom about the school, that was it. My daughter made up her mind then and there that she would only apply to Hampshire because that was where she belonged, notwithstanding that they only had 1200 students, were extremely selective, and charged a tuition of $30,000 per year! She said, “I know God is placing me in this school now!” And sure enough, she got accepted on early admission!

I must admit, my own faith wavered a bit when I thought about that $30,000 a year tuition as I asked silently, “God, how are we going to do this?” Rainbow-Shalom, however, didn’t even flinch. And as a result, her entire tuition was met with scholarships and grants! When I congratulated her, she merely said, “I just remembered that Jesus told us to ‘ask, and it shall be given unto us.’ So I asked.”

Today, I banish fear with faith. I know beyond the shadow of any doubt that by my faith I am prospered and I am grateful.

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