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Bless and Curse Not!

… bless, and curse not.

— Romans 12:14

Life is a blessing or a curse, according to the use we make of it.

— The Science of Mind, page 383

Bless and Curse Not!

The Science of Mind teaches that there is a Universal Law of Mind which responds to our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, producing circumstances in our life that reflect these thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. The Law does not differentiate between positive and negative uses of It. A negative thought, feeling, or belief will result in an undesirable experience, but the good news is that we can change our negative use of this Law any time we decide to do so.

For example, a ministerial colleague of mine began noticing that at each Sunday service, church attendance was diminishing. Every Sunday, he would worry more and more about the people who were not showing up. “Where’s so-and-so?” He would ask, wringing his hands in despair and pacing back and forth anxiously. Attendance was averaging fewer than fifty people. Then one day, during prayer and meditation, he received a Divine inspiration. This inspiration told him, “Why are you bemoaning what is not here? Why not bless what is here? What you bless becomes fruitful and multiplies.”

“Of course!” he thought. “I’ve been focusing my energy in the wrong direction!” From that moment on he not only began blessing all those who attended, but he also continually sent them love. Soon, the trend began reversing. More and more people came to church to experience that wonderful Divine Love. Two years later, membership was over 250!

Today, I listen to myself very carefully.

I not only listen to the words I utter, I listen to the words I don’t utter.

As I do so, I make sure I am directing my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs positively.

I am blessed in every way.

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