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But Where Am I Going to Get It?

What things soever ye desire, when ye pray,

believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

— Mark 11:24

Thoughts of abundance manifest as success and happiness.

— The Science of Mind, page 403

But Where Am I Going to Get It?

God has inspired us to have a large assembly room built as an addition to our home/church. In the process of doing this remodeling, little extra charges kept creeping in here and there. The price workers quoted us was to have included everything; however, the latest additional charge was $750 for the services of a plumber. His work was absolutely necessary for the continuance of the job. Because this project was God-inspired, I knew He would provide for every detail of it.

When I looked at the blueprints of the room, I got a clue as to what my part in this would be. First, I put the vision of the completed project in my mind. Secondly, I imaged just what it would look like, plumbing and all. That was akin to the blueprint — it became my mental blueprint. Finally, I turned the project over to the Master Contractor Himself and didn’t ask how He was going to do it — I know He is an expert. Then, I went on my way, happily. Last Saturday I came home from a conference and found a letter waiting for me about a television program that my husband and I had been on two years ago. The letter informed us that they recently did a rerun of that program, and we were to be paid again for it! The payment? $750!

Since my thoughts are the blueprints of my life,

I erase every thought I do not wish to see constructed in my life.

My thoughts are carefully and lovingly put together — I turn them over to God, the Master Builder, and they are complete and perfect.

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