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By Your Fingerprints Ye Shall Be Known

But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?

— James 2:20

Such a religion as this, the world of today needs, for it is sick of pretense and would like a practical demonstration of a belief in God, made manifest through good works.

— The Science of Mind, page 500

By Your Fingerprints Ye Shall Be Known

Would life be as real to us if we didn’t talk about it, but just lived it? Some of us pride ourselves on how often we meditate, how many times we have read the Bible, how many practitioners’ credentials we hold, or how many times we spout religious truisms so others are impressed by what we say.

But when did we last speak a kind word to another? Or silently lighten another’s load?

1 was in a health foods store when a very elderly, wizened woman entered. She was having great difficulty balancing her packages so I helped her. All at once I really looked at her and saw a beautiful face that had been through many of life’s experiences.

“You’re beautiful!” I told her. “What? What did you say?” she asked disbelievingly. “You’re beautiful,” I repeated. Tears came to her eyes. “That’s the first compliment anyone has given to me in ten years!”

It isn’t necessary to pay visits to hospitals and rest homes, although that is a wonderful service for those who wish to do so. What is necessary is to do good works in our own life circle, with family, friends, and co-workers. And then, it often would be better to tell no one about it. Let the work itself be the reward.

Today I stop talking so much about myself.

Quietly and anonymously I do three good works.

I constantly thank Spirit for the privilege of my life and the blessings

and love I have to share.

I am aware of a Divine glow inside me that gets brighter with each breath.

Thank you, Father/Mother God, for the Light.

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