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Can I Ask for What I Want at a Car Dealership?

For every one that asketh receiveth …

— Matthew 7:8

he (Jesus) explicitly tells us to ask directly for what we want.

The Science of Mind, page 436

Can I Ask for What I Want at a Car Dealership?

Ernest Holmes tells us we must ask believing, if we are to receive. When I was in China last year, I learned an enormous lesson about asking. I would buy 2 ivory fans for one dollar, and get back on the bus with my purchases. I noticed that Richard, a fellow tourist, purchased 6 fans for a dollar. “What’s wrong with this picture?” I asked myself. Richard delighted in bargaining with the vendors, and as I looked at their faces, they delighted in bargaining with Richard. “But I’m an American,” I thought. “Americans don’t bargain.” Richard kept bringing enormous bags of beautiful bargains onto the bus. “Well,” I thought. “Maybe I’ll try it.” A vendor quoted me a price. I shook my head. I responded with another price. The vendor shook her head. This went on back and forth until consensus was reached! We both smiled. “Why, this is a dance!” I thought. “A consensus dance!”

Immediately after returning to the states, I found my car, Madeline, needed a new clutch and a total brake overhaul. I went to the Mazda dealer for a quote. “That will be $972,” said Ken the head mechanic. I looked at him. Didn’t Jesus say to ask and we shall receive? Something inside me moved. “How’s about $700?” I asked. He looked at me aghast. “Just a minute,” he said. He went away for quite a while. When he returned, he said, “How’s about $743?” “OK,” I answered. When I went to pick up Madeline at the end of the day, Ken said, “That will be $700.” “But I thought you said $743,” I responded. “I know,” he said. “But I wanted to give you what you asked for!”

My mind and heart are totally clear.

I ask for what I desire, knowing it is already done.

I am deserving of all Good.

I give thanks!

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