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In all things ... be clear ...

— II Corinthians 7:11

We must first clarify our own vision, then we shall become as lights ...

— The Science of Mind, page 435


Have you ever tried to focus binoculars? Everything looks so fuzzy until you make that one little twist which brings everything into focus. Thus it is with our consciousness. When we get clear, the manifestation happens!

For years I had been saying to myself, “Some day, I’m going to have an international ministry.” Some day. Those two little words never happened, because “some day” was always in the future. Then, a huge shift happened.

I was going for my usual morning walk, admiring the greenery, doing my daily prayer work, and thanking God for everything, when I definitely “felt” Spirit’s voice saying inside of me, “NOW starts your international ministry!” “Excuse me?” I said, looking around. The voice repeated, “NOW starts your international ministry! Go home and call Alaska and Jamaica.” Right then and there, I KNEW that I had an international ministry — not “some day.” I went home and called Alaska! “We’d love to have you come! How soon can you be here?” asked Rev. Nancee. I called Jamaica. “Oh the Reverend Rainbow wants to come! When can you be here?” asked Rev. Elma. Not only have I been to Alaska and Jamaica twice since then, they have both invited me back. I have traveled to Russia, China, Canada, and next year I’ll be going to Machu Picchu! Once I got clear, all systems were go.

It’s like Emmet Fox’s taxi driver taking you to the airport, and you stopping him and saying, “Take me to Grand Central Station.” And after he turns the cab around, stopping him again and saying, “No, I changed my mind. Take me to the airport.” “Look,” says the cab driver. “As soon as you make up your mind where you want to go, I’ll take you directly there.”

Today, I clean the lenses of my vision,

my direction, my dreams, and my goals.

I let my light shine. I am clear.

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