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Dare to Be Different

The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner.

— Psalm 118:22

Spirit operates through man as self-knowingness and this makes man distinct and different from all other creations so far as mentality is concerned.

— The Science of Mind, page 396

Dare to Be Different

Have you ever noticed linnets cavorting on a telephone wire? They chortle and chirp and play as do young children. And then … something frightens them and off they fly, twittering as they swim through the air. But one, one brave bird remains behind, still enjoying the view from the wire and singing as though his heart would fairly burst! He dared to be different.

Or perhaps you have noticed a herd of black bulls grazing under a greenwood tree. They look up curiously at you as you gaze curiously at them. A loud noise suddenly startles them and off flees the herd en masse. Except one who continues grazing, unmoved by any noise. He dared to be different.

Walt Whitman changed the face of poetry when he dared to be different. Previously the rhymes had been exact. But Walt Whitman wrote from his deepest heart with a feeling of oneness for all humanity and all forms of life. Often what came from his heart did not rhyme … but always it sang!

And you … dare to be like the linnet that sang and the black bull that was unmoved. Let no goal be too high nor any word from another stop you. Follow your deepest dream. Perhaps, you will found a new school of poetry or a new way of life. But whatever you do … dare to be different!

I begin my day by following the deepest feelings of my heart.

I take steps to realize my heart’s desires no matter

how impossible they may seem at this moment.

I know God placed them within my heart because they are a beautiful reality.

Nothing daunts me.

I dare to be different!

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