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Day 3 - Unification - The Light of Spirit is within me

On this the third day of our Season for Illumination we remember that God is all there is and therefore, everything is God. That means that God is present in every person, every place and every situation. We recognize this light in each of us, too!

Imagine that a star of shining white light with beams radiating out in all directions. That star shines in the depths of your being. That star represents the source, the creator coming into manifestation, being born this night into the world through you.

This is the light of divine life. It is that love, wisdom, creative power, and oneness which yearns to move, live, and act in the world through every person, including you. Christ was not only born two thousand years ago. You carry the seed of that divine spark within yourself now. It is waiting to be born again. You have the choice, from moment to moment, day to day, to birth that consciousness in your heart, in your soul, and in your life.

Today is also Christmas Eve, take time this evening to light a candle representing the Divine Light within and say something like this: “The light of Spirit is my strength, my all, shining brightly. Radiating the light of the universe, I touch others with compassion and love. Living my life as a divine human vessel, I let my divinity shine forth. I am the light of God, a beacon of power showing the way through heaven and Earth.”

Today I am listening to Michael Gott sing "The Spirit of God is Upon Me"

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