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Day 5 - Realization - God is All Good

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Because God is all there is and we are a part of God, we now realize we are heir to the Good that God is. This means through our thoughts and words we open ourselves up to experiencing more of what we want, including health, prosperity and loving relationships.

Our spiritual practice today is visioning led by Jean Lein, RScP, ALSP. Please go to the bottom of this page for the video.

From my playlist check out "Water" by Daniel Namood.

Artwork by Connie Adcock.

On your oneness circle or treatment wreath, have each family member add a symbol of something they are ready to accept into their lives. For instance, a heart could be hung to draw more love in one’s life. Symbols can represent material things, as well as feelings or experiences.

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