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Day 6 - Realization - Good flows through me now

Continue your mediation and affirmation practice affirming; “I realize that all the Good of God is flowing through me now.”

Listen to this "That One" by Daniel Nahmod.

Set aside some time to create a treasure map for the coming year. A treasure map or vision board is a visual affirmation of the things you are ready to accept. Start by cutting out words and pictures out of magazines that represent your desires. Glue the pictures onto a poster board, making a collage. You can then display your treasure map where you can see it and meditate on it through the coming year.

Note: the picture above is my very first treasure map which revealed itself to me in 1984. Within 6 months I met and married the love of my life, who at the time owned an ultralight aircraft. There were several Bird of Paradise plants that flowered in front of the home we shared. I'm a believer! and still make one every year.


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