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And God said, … let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth … .

— Genesis 1:26

Through our knowledge of the kingdom within, we are able to claim our power and dominion.

— The Science of Mind, page 250


In the days of Beethoven, one of the few ways a composer could live was to find a wealthy patron to commission his works. Thus it was that Beethoven went to live in Prince Lichnowsky’s home as a virtual musical slave. A few months later he decided that he could no longer endure the restrictions of this kind of life. He said, “Better one room and freedom, than a whole palace without independence!”

How often do you give up your freedom and independence for the lure of an apparently glittering palace? This palace may appear to offer success, or fame, or another person’s approval; however, when you give up your freedom and independence, you give up your most precious possession: your dominion over your own life! “But,” you may object, “sometimes we do not have dominion over our own lives, such as in a school setting or in an office where one must abide by the rules.” Ah, but you do have dominion over something with which no one else can tamper: your mind. Because your mind is inviolate, you possess freedom and power over your life. Therefore you can see that it is not the event that matters, but rather your attitude toward it which makes the difference.

Once you realize that the Kingdom of Heaven abides within you, you can always call upon that extra source of spiritual strength when it seems others are trying to take your freedom from you. Just say, “God is with me! God is always with me. God will always be with me. And I am free!”

Today I heed not the opinions of others, for I have dominion over my own mind,

and I know the truth: God has granted me dominion over my life,

and what God hath given, no man can rend asunder.

Thank You, Father.

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