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Don’t Cheer Me Up!

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven …a time to weep, and a time to laugh …

— Ecclesiastes 3:1-4

It is human to grieve …

— The Science of Mind, page 387

Don’t Cheer Me Up!

Recently, our daughter, Rainbow-Shalom, came home from school looking troubled. As I questioned her, she began crying and relating all the upsetting things that had happened to her that day. Her tears increased with each incident until she was sobbing. Each time she uttered a new grievance, I tried to help her by offering her motherly consolation, a bit of Science of Mind wisdom, or some sympathetic response.

You can imagine my utter surprise when Rainbow-Shalom looked up through her tears, “Don’t try to cheer me up! Just hold me on your lap and let me cry till I finish. And don’t say anything!” I complied with her request. For several minutes, she gave vent to all her grievances and then, much to my amazement, she began to smile and sing happily — as if nothing had happened!

I realized then how thoroughly healing and cleansing crying can be, particularly when it is done in the presence of someone who accepts us without judgment. Crying not only heals present-day pains but it also helps to heal pains from long ago. God’s Divine Intelligence indeed is manifest through us, as us, and one of the ways It is manifest is in our God-given ability to cry. So, the next time you see someone crying, just love them and “be” with them and don’t think necessarily that you need to cheer them up!

I am grateful that not only can I express joy unbounded but also that I am able to express my grief and sadness as well. My tears of release and pain soon become tears of joy.

My tears of grief and sadness soon become tears of gratitude and wholeness.

Thank You, God, for the ability to express all of my Divine Self!

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