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God Is My Doctor

by Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson

Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

— Matthew 5:48

...the perfect body is there.

— The Science of Mind, page 213

God Is My Doctor

Ernest Holmes tells us that no matter what a situation looks like, we must transcend the appearance. It is necessary that a practitioner believe in a perfect body.

One night I got an emergency call from a friend, Tommy. His fever was 105, and he was alternating between enormous night sweats where he had to change the sheets every hour, and chills. The pain was excruciating. None of the conventional medications were working. I immediately did a Spiritual Mind Treatment (5-step affirmative prayer) knowing the Truth for Tommy. I said that his body was God’s body. It was absolutely perfect as it was created to be, in the image and likeness of God. And then I said that every organ was perfect, every system was perfect, every cell was perfect, every atom was perfect, every sub-atomic particle was perfect, and every space between the sub-atomic particles was perfect!

I went on to tell him that there was a perfect Platonic prototype for his body in Spirit that was absolutely perfect and the sound of my voice activated a resonation of his current physical body with that perfection, and anything unlike that perfection was now transmuted to that perfection that he already was! We hung up. The next morning, Tommy called me and said immediately after the treatment, he fell into a deep sleep which he hadn’t been able to do for weeks. During the sleep, his fever broke and he was healed. Thank You, God.

I know that my body is God’s body and it is sacred because the Spirit of God dwells within it. I know I am the perfect image and likeness of God in all Its Glory! Thank You, God!


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