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God Supplies Every Need

by Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson

And that which they have need of...Let it be given them day by day without fail ...

— Ezra 6:9

And God will supply all our needs.

— The Science of Mind, page 496

God Supplies Every Need

Have you ever heard the saying: “God takes care of every need; God doth my every hunger feed”? That is so true! Ernest Holmes tells us: “We are to be fed, clothed, and supplied in every need, straight from the center and source of all.”

I got a call from James. “Rainbow, I’m in dire need of $7,000 to pay off a debt!” “Don’t worry, James,” I told him. “God is able! God has taken care of you for the last 50 years. There’s no reason to believe God should stop now!” I proceeded to do a spiritual mind treatment for him, stating God was the Source of his supply. In less than a week, he called me back extremely excited. “I just unexpectedly received a gift of $7,700!” We both began jumping up and down with gratitude. Soon, that money was spent paying off debts. James began to doubt again. He said to himself, “That money was just a coincidence. This stuff doesn’t work at all.” And he went about his daily life, grumbling. Something moved him to call me again. We talked. I reminded him about God being the center and circumference of his life. I did another treatment for him. Soon thereafter, he called me all thrilled. “Rainbow, guess what? I just received an inheritance!”

Some of us are slower learners than others. But it matters not, fast or slow, the lesson must be learned. The lesson? God supplies every need.

Thank You, God, for supplying my every need. Thank You, God, for answering before I even ask. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! And so it is.

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