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Hi, God!

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

by Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson

There is one body, and one Spirit...

— Ephesians 4:4,6

...there is but One Person; this Person is manifested through every living soul.

— The Science of Mind, page 296

Hi, God!

Science of Mind tells is that God is in all and through all, which means we partake of the One Life. This means that every person is God uniquely manifested. What a thrilling thought!

My niece, Jayne, is the Human Resources Director of a large hotel. Several years ago, a gala birthday party was being given for the actor George Burns on the occasion of his 90th birthday. My niece went into the kitchen to make sure that everything was running smoothly, and there was George Burns, waiting to be introduced. He looked at Jayne and smiled, saying, “Hello darlin’.” She smiled back at him and said, “Hi, God!” He laughed as he went out the kitchen door into the main ballroom, calling back to her, “I’m not really God!”

But with all due respect Mr. Burns, yes you are and yes you were when you were alive. Just because you wore sneakers and a baseball cap when you played God in the movie “Oh God!” didn’t make you any less God than someone who wears a minister’s robe or sackcloth and ashes. I say this because in Religious Science we teach that there is but one life, and that life is God, and that life is our life NOW.

So, if you want to know what God looks like, look around at everyone you see today, but most of all, look in the mirror at yourself, and when you make eye contact, smile and say, “Hi, God!”

I know that every person I see today is God manifest. This gives me a great feeling of oneness as I go about my day silently saying to all, “Hi God!”

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