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I Got Everything I Asked For!

by Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson

Because thou hast asked this thing ...

Behold, I have done according to thy words ...

— I Kings 3:11,12

“Whatsoever things we desire” when we pray

we should “believe that we have them.”

— The Science of Mind, page 398

I Got Everything I Asked For!

The following two examples are illustrations of the principle that when we ask, we must believe and we shall receive. If we cannot quite manage this total belief, we can ask another to do the believing for us.

Jo, a manager of a Motel 6, exemplifies total belief and “knowing.” She has been a Religious Scientist for many years. She told me, “For 18 years, whenever I’ve needed a staff person, like a maintenance person or a reservations clerk, I never put an ad in the paper. I always knew the perfect person would show up. And sure enough, within three days, he or she would walk in and ask if I was looking for someone. They’d fill out an application and they would inevitably be the exact person I needed. I always get everything I ask for.”

David, on the other hand, exemplifies someone who needed to ask another person to do the believing for him. He was between positions (Divinely unemployed) and couldn’t seem to demonstrate a job. He called me for treatment. All at once, he remembered a magnificent invention of his that could speed up computer chips. The word got around and he was invited to interview at a young computer firm for a consultant position in their engineering department. He came home from the interview and called me. “I got everything I asked for,” he reported, “including a wage of $100.00 per hour!”

I am totally clear on what I desire and I know it is mine! I accept it! I am it! I love it! And I am grateful for it!


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