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I Quit My Day Job!

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

by Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson

...The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.

— Luke 18:27

The time is now, the place is where we are ...

— The Science of Mind, page 151

I Quit My Day Job!

When I left my pulpit in 1993, I felt sure that I was supposed to enter my third career in corporate America. And so, during the next few years, while working temporary jobs, I sent out over 200 resumes, applying for all kinds of positions for which I felt myself to be tremendously qualified. But alas! Not one interview did I get!

My boyfriend kept telling me every time I was momentarily disappointed, “That’s because THAT’S not what you’re supposed to be doing!” I then sent out a dozen more resumes with even greater fervor and no results. My boyfriend repeated, “That’s because THAT’S not what you’re supposed to be doing!” I began saying each morning upon arising, “Use me O Lord,” and then listening lowly.

One day, during the month in which my Daily Guides appeared in Science of Mind Magazine, I was inspired to write a letter to all the ministers and tell them I was available to speak and do workshops. I received 32 invitations, including Jamaica! So, I took a deep breath, quit my day job, and have been traveling ever since! Now, when people ask me, “Rainbow, what are you DOING these days?” I tell them the job description that just came to me recently when I was in New Jersey. Since I am Jewish by birth, and I’m traveling all over, I realized at last that “I am the wandering Jew!”

I know deep within my heart that my life has a wonderful purpose and I listen to the whisperings of my soul to discover what it is. I follow my intuition, risk, and take a leap of faith into a larger, more exciting and fantastic expression!

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