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Just Passing Through

O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

— Corinthians 15:55

If the soul can create and sustain a body here,

there is no reason to deny its ability to create and sustain one hereafter!

— The Science of Mind, page 375

Just Passing Through

The recent death of a colleague took my mind back to the year 1979 when I was in the hospital after having experienced a miscarriage. I remember asking God, “Why must we die? Why must little children die? Why must unborn children die? What’s it all about?” When I awoke in the recovery room, I was saying the 23rd Psalm over and over with tears streaming down my cheeks. At that moment I had a mystical experience. I felt that God spoke silently to me, answering my questions.

The little spirit that had touched our family had received what it came for — total light and love. Then, it was able to pass on without even touching the earth plane. When I realized this deep within my soul, I was able to release the blessed being in peace.

I thought of another child, a little two-year-old boy of mine, who had also passed on many years earlier. I could never understand why an innocent, sweet child had to leave so soon. But now the phrase resounded in my mind: “He received what he came for!”

And finally, one more image flashed within me … of yet another spirit who had come to earth 2,000 years ago. Only this time, the focus was changed as I realized that He had given what he came to give, and passed on! It was then I knew: we have to allow others to have their own experiences, even unto death. Because when all of us get or give what we have come for, we move on.

Today I realize deep within my being that everything is constantly changing.

I see it in the seasons.

I see it in all vegetation.

I see it in my own body,

and in the constant ebb

and flow of births and deaths of all varieties.

I see it in all of life.

And, because this is so,

I know that death is not final.

It is literally a passageway to a new existence.

I am at total peace.

Thank you, God, for this deep knowing.

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