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Keep On Going

If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small.

— Proverbs 24:10

Daily we must control all thought that denies the real; affirm the divine presence within us;

then, as the mist disappears before the sun, so shall adversity

melt before the shining radiance of our exalted thought!

— The Science of Mind, page 147

Keep On Going

Have you ever been in a situation in which you actually felt it was impossible to go on; where the suffering was so intense you thought surely you would die of the pain? Perhaps it was the death of a loved one or a physical ailment that caused you so much angst; but somehow, you kept on going, and today … here you are!

How can you keep on going, no matter what appears to be happening? Change your mind. Yes! You are in control of how you view your experiences. For example, a woman had one child, a son, and for a long time she wanted another child badly, so much in fact, that she went to many doctors for help. She became a nervous wreck while she was longing for that other child. Then, one day she woke up and thought, “Why am I yearning for something I don’t have, instead of appreciating what I do have?” And all at once she relaxed and began really to enjoy her husband and son! She kept on going.

To keep on going means to be courageous. And to be courageous according to John Burroughs, means to hang on one minute longer. Only then will the adversity melt before the shining radiance of exalted thought.

I keep on going.

I keep on knowing

the Truth that

the Lord is my shepherd

and lives within me,

guarding me and guiding me

toward the Light … always toward the Light.

I have eliminated self-pity and pessimism and

have replaced them with sunlight and love!

No matter what, I keep on going!

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