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Laughter is the Best Medicine

by Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson

Blessed are ye that weep now: for ye shall laugh.

— Luke 6:21

My ... life is a joyous, happy expression...

— The Science of Mind, page 250

Laughter is the Best Medicine

In all my traveling, I have noticed a common thread that runs throughout the planet. People need a safe place to cry and they need a safe place to laugh.

Lillian Rossman, age 84, lives in Sun City, Florida, a community for seniors. Because she lives alone, sometimes she experiences a feeling of loneliness. Does she let this dominate her life? Not at all! She loves to go dancing and dance all night! She is an outstanding artist, her style being the caliber of those paintings in The Guggenheim Museum. And she is currently learning to play the trap drums!

But the magnum opus of her life thus far is her creation of the “Laff Alot Club!” She said, “People just don’t laugh enough in our stressful world, so I’m going to create a place where they can let it all hang out!” She began advertising an hour meeting of the “Laff Alot Club,” and 47 people showed up. She got a retired comedian and some live musicians to entertain, and filled out the hour with jokes from the audience. At the second meeting, 173 people showed up! They outgrew the facility. She is currently looking for a larger place to hold the third meeting. Her vision is the formation of “Laff Alot Clubs” all over the country. She says, “If Norman Cousins could be healed by laughter, why not us?”

Today, I laugh my way into good health. I find something humorous in my life situation and laugh at it. I know that with each giggle, guffaw, and belly laugh, healing endorphins are released into my system and I am healed! I am healed! I am healed!

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