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Let Me Entertain Me

For thou has made him a little lower than the angels

and hast crowned him with glory and honour.

Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands …

— Psalms 8:5–6

The most precious thing a man possesses is his own individuality;

indeed, this is the only thing he really has, or is.

For one instant to allow any outside influence to

enter or control this individuality is a crime against his real self.

— The Science of Mind, page 338

Let Me Entertain Me

How many of us are terrified of being alone or quiet or without something to do? We look for the next book … or TV program … or art course … or candy bar … or trip to Las Vegas to entertain us, to distract us from finding out who we really are.

But when we watch a child playing alone, perhaps outside in a green garden of grass, the child is probably unselfconscious and will make up huge extravaganzas with twigs and blades of grass, pouring the energy of heart and soul into the production.

So … how do we go about finding that marvelous unique self, unlike any other? First, we must be sure not to listen to others who try to influence us to be a certain way including the advertising industry, the news media, our friends, and relatives. Next, we must learn how to be quiet, to be still and contact the Divine Mind that dwells within each of us. Once we do this, through meditation, we will begin to hear silent whisperings of the soul, which will gently guide us step-by-step towards being that person we were meant to be — the one with whom there is no competition, because there is only one variety of that flower. Be still … and watch it bloom!

I’m happy,

I’m happy I’m me!

I’m ecstatically happy to be

… not who you want me to be,

or who they want me to be,

but the me my still small voice tells me to be

— not who she wants me to be,

or who he wants me to be,

But … me! me! me! me! me!

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