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Let There Be Light

God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.

— I John 1:5

Thought which is built upon a realization of the divine presence has the power to neutralize negative thought, to erase it, just as light has the power to overcome darkness

— The Science of Mind, page 183

Let There Be Light

Swami Vivekananda once said, “If this room is full of darkness for thousands of years, and you come in and begin to weep and wail, ‘Oh, the darkness! Will the darkness ever vanish?’ Bring the light in; strike a match and light comes in a moment. So what good will it do you to think all your lives, ‘Oh, I have done evil, I have made many, mistakes’. Bring in the light and the evil goes in a moment. Strengthen the real nature; build up yourselves, the effulgent, the resplendent, the ever pure. Call that up in every one whom you see.”

How profound! It is a waste to use our energy to bemoan the dark areas of our lives and personalities … it is far better to concentrate our resources on the lighted and uplifting parts of our lives. If we dwell on the darkness, we live in the darkness. But, once we strike the match of enlightenment, the darkness goes. Then all our efforts become part of the Light and the Light dwells within us.

Similarly, in our relationships with others, we can pay attention to the shadow or we can see the shining radiant Christ-Light. The choice is up to us. When we bring in the light, everything good about life shimmers and springs into being. Let there be light.

I am Light.

Within me is no darkness at all,

for the Kingdom of Heaven lives in me.

I refuse to entertain darkness.

It is up to me to keep the flame of my altar burning eternally.

If some dark thought comes to threaten this flame,

I protect the fire with my very life, for it is my life.

God is Light. All is Light.

I am Light.

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