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Listening To God

He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

— Matthew 11:15

it is through our inner thought that we contact God … We must learn to listen for this voice.

The Science of Mind, pages 366–7

Listening To God

In Religious Science, we realize the Presence of God through the Divine contact we make within our selves — our inner gateway which leads to the intuitive perception of everything.

I was speaking at The Discovery of Life Church in Midland, Texas one Easter and experienced a most remarkable demonstration of what listening to the inner voice can do. I greeted the people as they arrived. A young couple came through the door and I welcomed them as well. After the service, the man of this couple asked if he could see me for a few minutes. I noticed he was crying. We began to talk and he told me something very remarkable. He said that he was going to end his life the night before, and an inner voice kept urging him, “Go to Midland. Go to Midland!” He had no conscious idea what that meant but decided to follow the voice. He called his wife, who had been visiting her parents in New Mexico, and told her to meet him at the Midland Church. He got in his car and drove nonstop to Midland to arrive just in time for the Easter service. He said my sermon was exactly what he needed to hear and completely turned him around! As he spoke, I kept repeating silently to myself, “Thank You Father for hearing. I know that thou hearest us always.”

Today I listen. I hear the voice of God speaking to me within.

I hear the voice of God speaking to me through the people I meet.

I hear the voice of God everywhere.

Today I listen.

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