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Love Transcends All

by Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson

Love worketh no ill to his neighbor: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.

— Romans 13:10

We are no longer afraid, for love casts out fear.

— The Science of Mind, page 560

Love Transcends All

No matter how fearful a situation is, when we look at it through the eyes of love, the fear melts away and bathes us in a warm river of unity. Everything changes! In Religious Science, we call this “unity with all people, with all life.”

It was a biting cold Christmas Eve during World War II. The American troops were cornered. There were Italian troops flanking one side of their company, and German troops flanking the other side. Death was imminent. Not a shot had been fired. They all were lying low, just waiting for the first move. The fear and tension were tangible.

Then, an amazing thing happened. An American soldier stood up in full view of the “enemy” and began singing “Hark The Herald Angels Sing.” After a moment, the other Americans stood up one by one and began singing with him. The Italian soldiers slowly rose and started singing the carol in Italian. The Germans soon thereafter stood and began singing in German. A gorgeous three-language celestial choir resounded in the dead of that cold Christmas Eve night. The Italians somehow sensed the Americans were out of food and began sharing their rations. All at once, the “us and them” consciousness vanished in the glow of God’s Love, and “us and them” became only “us.”

“God in me is unified with God in all.” Today, if I experience something which appears to be different from this truth, or if I encounter a person who appears to be out of touch with this truth, I repeat to myself, “God in me is unified with God in all,” and all is well.


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