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My Cup Runneth Over

Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.

— Proverbs 4:7

… we must open if we are to receive.

— The Science of Mind, page 369

My Cup Runneth Over

There once was a very wise Zen master, whom people came to see from miles away, just to sit at his feet. One student traveled far across the seas to drink in a drop of his wisdom. This student sat outside the master’s door for one week without food and the door opened not. Snow began to pile up; one month passed. The door opened not. One year passed. The sacred door slowly began to open and the student could barely unfold his legs. He entered with trepidation. The master motioned him to be seated and began ceremoniously pouring tea. The student started talking and talking and yet talking. The master continued pouring tea until it overflowed the cup and scalded the student’s legs. The student recoiled in pain. “Master! What are you doing?”

The master stopped pouring, looked at the student, and said, “Your cup is already full — full of your own ideas, full of your preconceived notions. Go! And do not return until your cup is empty — empty!” The student staggered out.

How often do we crave God’s blessings, His healings, His protection, yet our cups are so full of what we already know that we prevent the very Divine right action we seek by our own worries, ideas, and hopes? Let us empty ourselves of these preconceived notions so that we can allow the abundance of God to fill our cups. Then we can say in Truth, “My cup runneth over!”

Today I throw away everything I thought I knew.

I extend my empty cup to God and say,

“Welcome, God, fill my cup.

I’m ready

I’m ready for Your abundance!”

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