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My Father Gave It to Me!

by Rev. Dr. Rainbow Johnson

All things are delivered unto me of my Father....

— Matthew 11:27

What we really do is to look within our own consciousness,

“...and the Father who seeth in secret, shall reward us openly.”

— The Science of Mind, page 217

My Father Gave It to Me!

There is a beautiful Religious Science Practitioner in Atlanta named Wendy. She practices the principles of Religious Science all day long. She is an inspiration to all who come in contact with her. Wendy got a new car that she just loved. Her friend asked her, “Oh Wendy! Where did you ever get that gorgeous new car?” Wendy responded, “My Father gave it to me.” Her friend said, “Oh! I didn’t know your father could afford to give you a brand new car like that!” Wendy said, “Oh yes! He’s very wealthy! He has limitless resources. All I have to do is ask, and He immediately delivers to me exactly what I ask for!”

Later, Wendy had a phone conversation with a friend who said to her, “May you be blessed with manna from heaven.” She thanked her friend and hung up. Immediately thereafter, someone came into her store and brought her a $300 check paying off a past debt. She went outside and said, “What’s that falling down onto the sidewalk over there?” Her neighbor said, “Oh! That’s just some trash.” Wendy went to investigate and found two $50 bills and one $20 bill falling from heaven. When asked why she was so lucky to have this marvelous demonstration of money falling from the sky, Wendy replied, “My Father gave it to me!”

My life is wonderful! My bank account is growing and growing!

My health is absolutely perfect! My career is totally successful!

My relationships are all loving! Where did I get all of this?

My Father gave them to me!

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