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Nothing Happens by Chance

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

— Hebrews 11:1

Nothing happens by chance …

— The Science of Mind, page 103

Nothing Happens by Chance

The following incident happened a few weeks ago to a psychologist who was involved in giving a conference. A lady called his office wanting information about the conference. He wasn’t in, so his answering machine recorded her message.

For days the psychologist tried to call the lady back, but he got no answer. One evening he gave a last call before he left the office. No answer. He went out to eat and decided to call her once more from the telephone booth in the restaurant. A woman also was waiting for the phone.

“You go ahead,” said she. “I just called and there was no answer, so I’m going to try again in a few minutes.” The man dialed; no answer once again. He thanked the lady as he left.

Later that night, the psychologist was at an organization meeting concerning the conference. Who should walk in, but the very lady he had met at the telephone booth! After the meeting, the two approached one another. “Let me introduce myself formally,” said the psychologist.

As he pronounced his name, the woman’s mouth opened in disbelief. “Why you’re the very man I’ve been trying to reach for days!” When he was trying to call her that evening in the phone booth, she was at the same phone booth trying to reach him!

Why do we try so hard? All we have to do is relax and turn over the controls to The Expert — let God do it!

Nothing ever happens by chance.

I know that God is in charge.

He knows all the details I couldn’t possibly know.

Today I sit back and let God direct my life.

Everything unfolds with excitement and aliveness.

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